Dear colleagues,

Scientia in Educatione (SciED) journal announces a special issue for 2021 focused on the role of textbooks in the post-pandemic schools.

Given the impact that the use of remote technologies for learning has had on the learning of mathematics as an outcome of the COVID 19 pandemic, we wish to investigate in this special issue whether textbooks are just a reminder of times long gone and are destined to disappear, or whether they still have an important role in the teaching and learning of school mathematics.

The aim of the special issue is to bring forward research on the role of textbooks in science and mathematics. We welcome papers aimed at the analysis of the content of textbooks (How are concepts presented? Is the content appropriate for students' age and knowledge ? Does it conform to the state of nowadays knowledge in the field? What kind of tasks do they include? etc.) as well as at the influence of this content on students' learning (How are textbooks actually used by teachers? How does the use of a certain textbook affect students' learning?, etc.). Original research articles, theoretical studies, survey articles or discussion papers are welcome.

The manuscripts should be written in English and comply with the author guideline here: https://ojs.cuni.cz/scied/about/submissions

Deadline for the manuscript submission is March 15th. The special issue's publication is expected at the end of 2021. The manuscripts will undergo standard peer-review procedure. 

The special issue will be edited by dr. Martin Rusek, assistant professor of chemistry education at Charles University, Faculty of Education and Co-editor of the SciED chemical section.