Comenius and Fink – World sub specie educationis


  • Eva Dědečková


Comenius, Fink, education, nihilism, cosmological philosophy, world


Comenius and Fink – World sub specie educationis. – This paper deals with the problem of education in our historical crisis situation after “the death of God”. The traditional concept of Comenius does not suffice, we don’t have any consolatory framework and we don’t even know what to educate to. We have to try to cope with the revealed perspective of our radical openness to the world, try to learn and to find the very first chance to live together with the awareness of the groundless Being. That’s the challenge that we all face today and Fink’s cosmological philosophy of education can help us to understand our situation better.

Author Biography

Eva Dědečková

Mgr. Eva Dědečková je studentkou doktorského studia na Katedře občanské výchovy a filosofie UK PedF.