Blindness of schoolmaster’s sight


  • Martin Krcha


seeing, spontaneity, preconception


Blindness of schoolmaster’s sight. – The thesis deals with the different ways of seeing in the context of spontaneity, assumption and prejudice as pre-conception. The reason for addressing this issue is an effort to open the question of seeing as it was opened by Jan Patočka in his essay “What is Seeing”, and then to show this question in the context of Being-in-the-World as it was developed by Martin Heidegger in his Time and Being. Opened in this way and inspired by an article of Philippe Meirieu, the problem of seeing is then transposed on the field of pedagogy.

Author Biography

Martin Krcha

Mgr. Martin Krcha, Ph.D. je absolvent doktorského studia na Katedře občanské výchovy a filosofie UK PedF.