• Zuzana Svobodová




Dear readers,

on the 3rd of February 2016 it’s been 10 years since the passing of the first lady of the Czech philosophy of education, Professor Jaroslava Pešková, who was also one of the founders of this e-journal. Her authentic “guiding philosophy” had led many of today’s graduates of the post-gradual program in philosophy at the very beginning of their academic path. Today they engage in the philosophy of education and are linking philosophy to everyday life on various workplaces of our country. As thanks for her work, her former colleagues decided to present what they pursue today.

At the birth of Czech philosophy of education as an academic discipline Jaroslava Pešková was accompanied by Radim Palouš, who died on the 10th of September 2015. Therefore the articles of the year 2016 are dedicated to these founders. Whether the Czech philosophy of education will continue to be creative, is principally based on the ability of their students to think over the bequest of Palouš and Pešková, and inspire the next generation of philosophers who open to Plato’s appeal to education as care of the soul.

Prof. Pešková is remembered in this issue by Naděžda Pelcová, Anna Hogenová, Irena Vaňková, Zuzana Svobodová and David Krámský along with Lenka Krámská. As accompanying non-peer reviewed text is attached the commemoration of Jaroslava Schlegelová and obituary of Jaroslav Kohout.