Cultural Education in Local Context – Krakow as an Example


  • Barbara Turlejska


Multiculturality, Culture, Local space, Values, Education


Cultural Education in Local Context – Krakow as an Example. (Kontekst lokalny edukacji kulturalnej – na przykładzie Krakowa.) – Local culture is in relation with space in which a man lives. A term place can mean a space where a man lives, that is a specific part of a town, or a specific part of countryside, simply the closest environment where a man spends his everyday life. Among physical and natural conditions that form the local space also a social factor exists, and in a wider context also a cultural factor. Often location is not identical with an administrative structure of society or state, but is derived from tradition and way of living of man. Men decide which place and which values are important and significant. Men make decisions about things and identify themselves with them. This way they become the bearers of certain values and pass them on to other generations.





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