Existence and coexistence of and by means of speech, and its consequences

  • Zuzana Svobodová
Keywords: speech, logos, word, humanity, existence, dialogue, friendship, responsibility


Existence and coexistence of and by means of speech, and its consequences. – The text is concerned with several questions that are interrelated with what was termed “logos” by the ancient Greeks. The questions are as follows: If, according to Aristotle, man is the only spiritual being in the world to be endowed with speech, what does this mean for the (self)education of man? If, according to Augustine, understanding another person’s speech is decisive for whether we want to be in his/her presence, or rather that of our dog, what does it imply as regards the essence of relationship with the other person? If, according to Heidegger, human expression is interrelated with what is real or unreal, what does it mean with respect to our existence through speech? If, according to Heraclitus, it is impossible to determine the limits of the soul, because its logos is too deep, what, then, is the purpose of man? Or where is he/she headed? What does this imply when it comes to the relation of a human being to logos?