Comenius on books: tools and obstacles to pampaedia

  • Ján Hreško
Keywords: Comenius, book, education, knowledge, learning, pampaedia


Comenius on books: tools and obstacles to pampaedia. – Paper aims to point out the role of books as tools of education in Comenius. Praise and criticism of knowledge mediated by books is an essential part of his pansophic project of universal science and universal education (pampaedia). Comenius described how mass publishing changed the process of education and thinking of researchers and responded to it through his works. Comenius suggests studying both divine books (visible world, rational soul, Holy Bible) and best of written books. He appeals to scholars for the regulation of writing in order to keep the pansophic project and pampaedic education possible. However, according to Comenius, the final sense of education does not lie in erudition itself, but in seeking wisdom and salvation of mankind.