Education and hope


  • Pavel Šlégr


education and hope, Comenius and hope, Radim Palouš, Jan Patočka and Comenius, Klaus Schaller and Comenius, pedagogics and theology, world as a school, dignity of man, world and emancipation, didactics as art, Gabriel Marcel and hope


Education and hope. – Education is not only in crisis, but can also, with hope, elevate both children in families and children as part of humanity to the task of improving the world. Theoretical thinking that brings hope to education is offered, for example, by Radim Palouš, J. A. Comenius or Gabriel Marcel. Jan Patočka’s pedagogy is phenomenological. Klaus Schaller’s pedagogy is dialogical. Comenius’ didactics is related to theology and the world is like a school. Gabriel Marcel is also a philosopher of hope. He writes that hope is connected to love. And he also writes that hope is related to freedom. Like Bergson, Marcel writes about an open soul and a closed soul.