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Dear readers,

this double issue of e-journal Paideia brings English versions of selected papers from a joint venture of colleagues from the Department of Civic Education and Philosophy and the Department of Special Education at the Faculty of Education of the Charles University, which dealt with the issue of emotionality.

Anna Hogenová’s phenomenological analysis of emotionality provides an entry into the issue. Naděžda Pelcová shows how kind humour, which is quite lacking in our present time, is essential to education. David Rybák’s study offers an entry into Husserl’s analyses of emotions. Tomáš Samek presents an anthropological approach to the ambivalence of emotionality.

The second part is introduced by the issue of motherhood in women with mental disorders by Petra Hájková, Lea Květoňová and Vanda Hájková. Another text by Monika Donevová and Vanda Hájková deals with the life of people after a stroke. Kateřina Hádková and Miroslava Kotvová present an article on communicative competences of people with hearing impairment. Finally, Jana Jamrichová and Vanda Hájková discuss the context of teaching students with autism spectrum disorders in an inclusive school.



2022-03-06 — Updated on 2022-03-07