Pedagogika chystá anglické monotematické číslo v roce 2021 – Ethnicity in the context of inclusive education


Ethnicity in the context of inclusive education

Classroom diversity is a real phenomenon that schools are increasingly facing in the 21st century. The ability to appreciate and treat diversity positively is a central idea of inclusion and inclusive education. An aspect of diversity that we want to get closer to within this monothematic issue is ethnicity.

We understand inclusion (as opposed to integration) as a shift from supporting a particular individual to an open school for all, which is reflected in the current trend of the so-called "school for everyone" (e.g. Mitchell, 2005). Heterogeneous collectives have been appearing in mainstream schools more than before in the last twenty years and this trend will continue. Inclusion was partially enforced, but the basic concept of the school, its focus on performance and competitiveness, has changed little.

Although in inclusive education it is more important to focus on the school environment as a whole before drawing attention to individual diagnoses or problems that are associated with a particular pupil or group of pupils, in this issue we would like to shed light on the facets of ethnic diversity. The key question of the forthcoming monothematic issue is: How do schools deal with ethnic diversity in the present and how did they deal with it in the past?

Ethnicity (not only) in the school environment is closely related to identity and its formation, especially in puberty and adolescence. Therefore, it is important to focus on the question: How do schools at all levels (and especially high schools, where the identity is significantly created from a psychological point of view) contribute to the formation of identity in pupils or students of different ethnicities?

We expect theoretical, empirical, analytical, and methodological studies and surveys that approach the issue of ethnicity and identity in education from various aspects:

  • Pupils and students with different mother tongues
  • Pupils and students of the Roma ethnic group
  • Identity in the context of education and ethnicity
  • Ethnolinguistic theories of identity and their application in the educational process
  • The second generation of migrants as a challenge for today's schools
  • Education of multilingual pupils (mixed marriages, etc.)
  • Historical context of education of ethnically diverse school groups

The guarantors of the monothematic issue are PhDr. Denisa Denglerová, Ph.D., and Mgr. and Mgr. Martina Kurowski, Ph.D.

Important dates and information:

  • By 31st January 2021: Submit annotations in English of maximum 2 pages (3,600 characters) labelled “English monothematic issue” to the email address The annotation is to include the following: the author(s), title of the paper, type of paper – theoretical, historical, review, methodological or research paper, its aims and content, and its presumed size.
  • By 28th February 2021: Annotations will be reviewed and the authors will be notified about further proceedings.
  • By 30th April 2021: Papers based on the accepted annotations will be submitted.
  • Subsequently, papers will be submitted for standard peer review after which the authors will be notified and prospective adjustments to the texts will be required by 30th June 2021.