Pozvání k publikování v anglickém monotematickém čísle "Educational Psychology – Vibrant and Emerging Topics"


The journal Pedagogika invites the authors to publish in a monothematic issue for the year 2022: “Educational Psychology – Vibrant and Emerging Topics

The journal Pedagogika invites the authors to publish in monothematic issue for the year 2022: “Educational Psychology – Vibrant and emerging topics”.

The societal changes triggered by the transformations of education systems in many countries, as well as by the pandemic, has transformed our understanding of and approaches to traditional school education in unprecedented ways. These changes are naturally the subject of increased research interest in Educational Psychology.

Recent times, marked by the covid epidemic, not only meant a reduction in contacts in the professional community, but also brought new challenges for the field of Educational Psychology. In the last year, the meetings of the professional community were at least partially renewed, and a number of conferences and other professional meetings took place. It was warmly welcomed and these forums showed that Educational Psychology besides traditional issues develops also emerging topics that reflect recent changes and our need to adapt to them.

In this issue, we do not want to concentrate only on covid-related issues, but rather we would like to depict more broader view on current educational psychology. Topics that resonate in the professional community are welcomed, so contributions from various sub-areas of educational psychology are expected, including, among others, processes of learning and teaching, specific learning disabilities, wellbeing of students and teachers, adaptation to online learning or online teaching, social-emotional learning and many others.

We expect both journal articles and reflective reports or analytical contributions to the discussion section.

The guarantors of the monothematic issue are Stanislav Štech, Iva Stuchlíková, Irena Smetáčková, Anna Kucharská, and Gabriela Seidlová Málková.

Time schedule for the preparation of a monothematic issue:

  • By mid-April, 2022, send abstracts in the range of max. 2 pages (3,600 characters) to the address pedagogika@pedf.cuni.cz with the note "Special Educational Psychology 2022". In the abstract, please state: author (authors) and title of the paper, its type (theoretical, overview, methodological, research study), expected scope, aim and content of the paper.
  • By April 30, 2022, the authors will be notified of the next steps.
  • Studies based on accepted abstracts should be submitted by June 30, 2022. Subsequently, the studies will go through a standard review procedure and the authors will be asked to modify the texts.
  • The monothematic issue will be published until the end of 2022.