Pedagogika is preparing a monothematic issue in 2019


Ethics, moral and school

Nowadays, society is undergoing one of its most significant changes in history. While social, economical and environmental problems are discussed regularly, ethical issues are tackled much less. The educational system and school education must not only react to the situation, but also anticipate future developments. For this reason, old ethical questions ought to be asked in new contexts. Moreover, utterly new questions should be raised. These are the premises which the idea of the special monothematic issue of Pedagogika stems from. It will be about both tackling detailed questions on the one hand, and a holistic grasp of the issue on the other. Therefore, the monothematic issue of Pedagogika does not aim to provide normative concepts regarding this issue. Instead, its goal is to advert to the importance of ethical bases of school education and to initiate a debate on the matter.

Theoretical, review and research papers focusing on the issue of ethical aspects of school education and educational research are welcome.

Key areas possibly covered by the monothematic issue:

  1. Teachers: teachers’ professional ethics; teacher professional ethical codes and the issues related to their pursuit; ethical dilemmas in teachers’ work (both at present and in the past, for example, in the era of normalisation); moral distress of teachers; unethical conduct of teachers.
  2. Learners: moral education of pre-school children; current views on the moral development of children and adolescents; unethical behaviour of learners at school.
  3. School subjects: moral education at primary and secondary schools; ethical aspects in teaching particular school subjects; application of ethical aspects to the content in Czech textbooks; ethics in future teacher pre-graduate education.
  4. School: ethical challenges of multicultural education; ethical issues of inclusive education; ethical challenges related to the education of learners from socially excluded localities; ethical problems connected to early differentiation of learners.

Editors: Jiří Mareš, Zdeněk Beneš