Pedagogika připravuje anglické monočíslo v roce 2020 – Changes of pre-primary and primary education


Changes of pre-primary and primary education

Monothematic issue of Pedagogika journal in English language will be devoted to deeper investigation of key questions connected to primary and pre-primary education across particular educational systems. Theoretical, review and research papers on pre-primary and primary education in the context of changing society and social and cultural specifics of particular areas of the world are welcome. Suitable are papers focused on research of curriculum, reality of pre-primary and primary education, investigation of needs, expectations and beliefs of individual participants – children, parents, teachers, prospective teachers, headmasters, statutory authority etc.

The aim is to enrich theory of pre-primary and primary education with attention paid to the perspective of globalized world, culture specifics of its parts and changes of population of children.

Pre-primary and primary education represent fundamental pillars of educational systems and their quality is to a large extent basis for successful lifelong education. Together with the changing society, its demands and expectations new questions to which answers need to be searched arise. Traditions, cultural specifics and historical experience are being reinvestigated in relation to new demands such as e.g. inclusive education, cultural diversity, development of communication technologies and its role in school as well as family environment, change of traditional family functioning, rise in populism.  

Chosen key areas possibly covered by the monothematic issue:

  • Changes of population of children and its reflection in pre-primary and primary education curriculum.
  • Changes of the role of school (pre-primary and primary) with regard to changes of family lifestyle and changes in society.
  • Reflection of current changes of pre-primary and primary education.

Editors: Radka Wildová, Jana Stará

Important dates and information:

  • By 31st January 2020: Submit annotations in English of maximum 2 pages (3,600 characters) labelled “Monočíslo AJ” or “English monothematic issue” to the email address The annotation is to include the following: the author(s), title of the paper, type of paper – theoretical, historical, review, methodological or research paper, its aims and content, and its presumed size.
  • By 28th February 2020: Annotations will be reviewed and the authors will be notified about further proceedings.
  • By 30th April 2020: Papers based on the accepted annotations will be submitted.
  • Subsequently, papers will be submitted for standard peer review after which authors will be notified and prospective adjustments to the texts will be required by 30th June 2020.